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Custom Hand-Forged Knives

Treat yourself and awe your friends with an impeccably crafted knife from SGK. Our one-of-a-kind knives are fascinating to look upon and satisfying to hold and use. Improve your knife collection with a purchase you'll never regret.

Quality Craftsmanship

A well-made knife starts with the best materials. Scott uses only the finest natural materials, including wood, stag, walrus ivory, and designed steel. Every element of the knife proper is made by Scott, including the blade, the fittings, and the handle. As the sole craftsman at SGK, Scott can personally guarantee the impeccable quality of everything he produces. He has several designs that he has created, and he is able to build custom knives upon request. The time it takes to produce a hand-forged knife is dependent on the complexity of the build. Pricing typically ranges between $425 and $4,000. Depend on Scott to create your favorite knife variety, including:

  • Hunter Knives
  • Utility Knives
  • Bowie Knives
  • Fighter Knives
  • Folding Knives
  • Chef Knives
  • Daggers

The Process

There's a solid reason why the blacksmithing process has been around for centuries: it produces items of unparalleled quality and appearance. At SGK, we start each knife with a blank piece of raw steel in one of a variety of shapes and forms, including circular, flat, square, and rectangular. This steel is then heated until it is easily moldable and workable. The knife is then forged into the correct shape using precise techniques and creativity. All damascus and patterns are made by Scott. Scott takes deep pride in putting all his attention into every single knife; he only ever works on one knife at a time.

Embellishment & Engraving Services

Add a touch of personalization to your knife. At SGK, we love the unique features that make one knife stand out from the others. Rely on us make a knife that has special meaning to you. We'll embellish or engrave the knife with design elements that make your knife truly one-of-a-kind.

First-Rate Leather Sheaths

Keep your blade sharp and secure with a high-quality leather sheath. Our knives typically come with a gorgeous sheath made by customer leather artists, Paul Long and Rowe Leather.

Fighter Knife